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Established in 2013, MFO is the Oman঩rst dedicated Fiber Optic accessories manufacturer.揠is operating as an acting partner of Diamond SA, Switzerland.㠍FO is working in collaboration with Diamond SA, who is the founder and a leader of the dedicated FO connector segment, MFO has built its reputation by offering advanced technology in production processes and unparalleled manufacturing efficiency. From its inception, MFO has consistently offered the FO connector segmentଥading technologies and design services. Thanks to Diamond൮ique integration of cutting-edge process technologies, pioneering design services, manufacturing productivity and product quality.

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Fiber Optics are being used increasingly in commercial applications because of it's bandwidth capacity, enviromental durability, and it's ability to be deployed in numerous applications and markets. The light transmitted by fiber optics can be used as a power source, a digital signal transfer, or for analog analysis in sensing and measurement applications. In the past optical fibers were used primarily in the data and telecom industries, but new research has resulted in many new applications for fiber optic components. These applications cover markets such as: BIO-MEDICAL, MEASUREMENT INSTRUMENTS, LASER DELIVERY, SENSING.


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The worldwide market for harsh-environment fiber optics (HEFOs) is experiencing a steady growth, due to the rapid advances of fiber-optic technology, as well as the increasing demands for fiber-optic components for outdoor/industrial and tactical applications.

Thanks to Diamond for developing a wide range of strong, reliable, customizable indoor/outdoor field op tical connectors and accessories product lines with superior optical performances.

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Fiber optic technology is opening exciting new fields of application in the medical industry. The physical characteristics of fiber make it a natural choice for many uses. Optical fiber has become widely used in imaging, laser delivery systems, illumination, sensors and equipment interconnects.

ഩcal fibers provide a compact and flexible conduit for light or data delivery in diagnostic and interventional medical applications. In order to be effective, optical fibers require robust, precise interconnects that integrate seamlessly into the medical theater. Diamond has the expertise to make these interconnects a reality.ﰾ

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